New Design & New Features

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  A lot has changed recently : We redesigned Idretis, so it’s more intuitive and beautiful, and added new features.   Background Unlimited number of colors to choose from. A new and beautiful free image !   Download a map You can now download a map in the formats: SVG (Scalable Vector Grahics) PNG (Portable […]

Why Everyone Should Make Lists and 15+ Lists to Get You Started

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  Why do we as humans make lists ? The best-selling author and philosopher Umberto Eco has some interesting ideas about why they’re so important to humans. In this interview, Eco explained: “The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to […]

Module: Calendar

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  New module: “Node Calendar” When managing tasks, it’s important to schedule them and view them in the traditionnal calendar. A new  Node Module is now available to add a calendar to a Node. Within this calendar, you can add and manage your events:    

Colors are here!

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  Module: “Node Color” A new  Node Module is now available to add colors to the nodes:  See the map   To change the color of a node, open its modules, and click on the module “Color”:   You can then choose the color you want:     If you make beautiful colorful public maps, […]

Modules of Idretis

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  What is a module? A module is a small program that adds new functionalities to the main program. Idretis has 3 different kinds of modules.   Application Modules They add functionnalities to the application itself. Examples: the ‘Background’ module allows you to change the background. the ‘Sidebar’ module allows you to create a new […]