What use Idretis for ?

Note taking

Whether you are a student or a professional, Idretis makes taking structured notes and sharing them very easy and intuitive.


Idretis’s Mind Mapping  make it easy to generate great ideas within teams.

Project management

Manage information, resources and schedules in the same place.

Meeting management

Run more productive meetings where participants are prepared and have concrete information.

Business planning

Improve communication with visually structured information that allows in-depth analysis of strategic plans, business cases, and sales account plans.

Event planning

Create clear and complete event plans that help you have a better overview of the event as well as details.

This an Idretis Map

It's a tree of elements called "nodes", managed by your team or by yourself.



Drag and drop the nodes to organise them.

Click on a node to select it and access to its options.

Share the map with your contacts to work collaboratively.

Idretis is your own Database

Idretis is the perfect place to collect all your information.



Brainstorm collectively and collect all your ideas


Save all your web links


Keep your notes within Idretis and find them easily


PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, pictures, music or videos files…

Latest news

New Design & New Features

  A lot has changed recently : We redesigned Idretis, so it’s more intuitive and beautiful, and added new features.   Background Unlimited number of colors to choose from. A new and beautiful free image !   Download a map You can now download a map in the formats: SVG (Scalable Vector Grahics) PNG (Portable […]

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Why Everyone Should Make Lists and 15+ Lists to Get You Started

  Why do we as humans make lists ? The best-selling author and philosopher Umberto Eco has some interesting ideas about why they’re so important to humans. In this interview, Eco explained: “The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to […]

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